VIMAS Srl. builds cartridge-type spindles and high-speed spindles for:
- Milling machines
- Machining centers
- Turning machines
- Grinding machines
- Tool presetting systems
- Sharpening machines
- Glass-working machines
- etc.

The normal spindles and high-speed spindles are made with mountings according to the most frequent standards (i.e. ISO DIN 69871, ISO DIN 2080, HSK DIN 69893, MAS BT 403, CAPTO® , ABS®, ASA, ER, etc.).
They are provided with hydraulic or pneumatic tool-clamping units and with sensors for a correct operation during tool change-over. Furthermore, a set of sensors can be used for detecting temperature and vibrations as well as encoders or phonic wheels for controlling the rotation in a closed loop.
The range of high-speed spindles covers power rates from 0.8 kW/ 90’000 rpm. up to 52 kW/ 16’000 rpm., while the range of normal spindles covers power rates up to 40 kW/3000 rpm.