The company was founded in 1959 at Samarate by Carlo VIZZOLINI, the father of today’s president. A few years later (in 1964) the company’s name became VIMAS Srl.
The business started in a few square meters in a workshop arranged inside of a private house. At the beginning the activity consisted of repairing devices used for oxyacetylene welding (pressure reducers, valves, etc.). A short time later, by purchasing the first machine tool (an old lathe which was built at the beginning of the century), the manufacturing of mechanical components was started.

During this period a co-operation with Ernesto MACCHI, the present co-owner, was started. A few years later (1967) the activity was transferred to the new workshop of approx. 300 m2 located in Samarate. Here the manufacturing of mechanical components was extended also to other fields (hydraulic, aircraft and other components). Many other machine tools were added to the activity. This became the outline of the business, which corresponds to the present activity, i.e. to supply a service as complete as possible to the customers. As a matter of fact - further to the purchase of some grinding machines so to be able to carry out nearly all the jobs inside of the factory - other kinds of work were added, such as mounting and testing of high-precision components.
These mechanical groups can be supplied ready for final mounting by the customer himself.

In 1975 the setting up of a new factory building at Cardano al Campo was started. This became the present seat of the company. In 1976 the entire activity moved over to the new building, which has a floor surface of approx. 800 m2

In 1981 the first CNC turning machine was purchased. In 1984 the first vertical machining center, in 1993 the first CNC grinding machine and in 1995 a multi-pallet horizontal machining center were added to the machine tool park. During this time, a close co-operation with many companies in the machine tool business was started for supplying high-precision parts. Then manufacturing of components for machine-tool spindles was started. At present such parts are supplied separately to many customers in the machine-tool field.

In 1991 manufacturing of complete cartridge-type spindles according to the customer’s drawing was started. After a short time, in order to satisfy the increasing need coming from the market, designing of cartridge spindles was started, so to offer a full service to the customers. Then in 1995 the company developed the first dressing device for grinding wheels by using a diamond roller. In 1996 the first high-speed spindle was developed. Following this, in 1999 the manufacturing of high-speed spindles with synchronous permanent-magnet motors for milling machines was started.

In 2000 VIMAS Srl. became a member of UCIMU, the association of Italian machine tool builders.

After the continuous expansion of the business, VIMAS Srl. at present employs 18 persons. The buildings cover a surface of more than 3000 m2 on a total surface of 10000 m2.


VIMAS Srl. has an air-conditioned test-room and is provided with 3D measuring machines, roundness meters, etc. This enables to monitor constantly the manufactured components allowing the issue of final certifications on the products after testing, which in some cases cover even 100% of the batch. Furthermore, most of the parts are identified by a punched code and a serial number.
The test equipment is used for checking and certifying the complete spindles, in order to issue the exact data about the operation temperature, vibrations and geometrical accuracy. These test-sheets are then filed so to supply the traceability of a product. For example, for the spindles all data from the time of starting of the manufacturing to the acceptance test are filed. This refers also to the identification data of each single component (bearings, sensors, etc).


All assembling jobs of the precision components are carried out in an air-conditioned ambient, where also the final testing of the spindles is done on computerised test benches.


Our company carries out overhauling and maintenance of normal spindles and high-speed spindles both of our manufacture and those of others. In order to ensure quickness of repair jobs, the roller bearings and other items subject to wear are always kept in stock. Our technical personnel and external co-operators for the electronic systems carry out all services at the customer’s premises for any analysis of the problems.


We are continuously trying to improve our products and to participate in the technological progress. From the point of view of satisfying the needs coming from the market, our company is steadily developing new projects especially on normal spindles, high-speed spindles and profiling and dressing devices for grinding wheels. This fact, further to the development of new products, has enabled us to obtain in 2003 a patent for a spindle of highest precision (error on rotation <5 micron at 800 mm from the spindle nose) for measuring devices. At present a new patent application is under preparation. The new projects are tested inside of our company on a test-bench and used directly on our manufacturing machines.


A further extension of the covered surface with a new storing room for raw materials and cutting equipment has been planned. This will enable us to have a new grinding workshop, which will be completely air-conditioned. Furthermore, the purchase of new machine tools of bigger dimensions is being planned so to allow the company’s manufacturing range to be increased. By acquiring new technologies, it is our aim to automate furthermore the manufacturing jobs and to simplify the work.
The range of normal spindles, high-speed spindles and dressing devices will be developed further by taking into consideration the needs coming from the market, however without neglecting the field dedicated to accurate mechanical components made for third parties.