New products are developed and existing products are updated on two CAD workstations. These stations enable us to develop also the fixtures for manufacturing special components for third parties. As regards the spindles, this enables us to supply a technical support (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical) to the customers, starting from the enquiries and supplying complete solutions ready for assembling. In the same manner, we offer also a support in case of third-party jobs, as we are able to design specific features for making definite components. The possibility of handling the projects inside of our company allows a direct contact with the customer for making any drawings very quickly. This enables us to have a direct and continuous interchange of information both with our workshop and with the end-user.


Manufacturing is managed by means of computerized supports so to compile the shop-orders and the work cycles. Always by means of a PC, the advancement of the shop-orders is kept under control and the cost accounts are filed.


A considerable quantity of raw materials is always kept in stock, in order to satisfy quickly the need coming from the production. All materials used are accompanied by the respective certification and at the arrival of the goods are immediately identified.

The extended machine tool park enables us to realise completely inside of the company the manufacturing process of all components. For this purpose, modern CNC machine tools are used, such as a MAZAK INTERGREX 400Y-II turning-machine, a universal CNC grinding machine with multi-wheel turret and a multi-pallet horizontal machining center.
The possibility of manufacturing completely all mechanical parts inside of the company enables us to keep the quality assurance constantly under control and to have a continuous interchange of information with the technical office and the assembling workshop. Furthermore, when drawing up new projects, this enables the optimisation of components for meeting in a better way the technical needs of the machine tools and the know-how of the company.
As an average, each year more than 15% of the turnover is used for purchasing and updating the machine tools.
Some additional jobs, such as gear cutting and large boring jobs, are carried out by external companies.


Many heat treatment jobs are carried out inside of our company, as we have our own pit furnace. This enables us to carry out intermediate treatments during the manufacturing cycle on all critical parts so to improve the final quality and to reduce also the manufacturing time.

At present, our manufacturing range is subdivided as follows:


Different mechanical parts of medium high-precision are realised. These comprise different types of machining jobs. The batches go from a single piece up to quantities of 1000-2000 pieces also using automatic CNC machine tools which can work in a manless shift. This field comprises also manufacturing of components for spindles (such as shafts, flanges, spacers, etc.) to be supplied separately to the customer.
Also mechanical groups according to the customer’s drawings will be manufactured to be ready for assembling (tool changers, tool heads, etc.).


Also complete spindle units and high-speed spindles according both to the customers’ drawings and to our own design are built. The manufacturing range covers small spindles of very high speed up to 90’000 rpm, normal and high-speed spindles for milling and turning and also spindles for grinding machines for applicable power rates up to 40 kW. Further to this production, which is essentially realised for components needed by the end-user, there is a range of standard products.




These are high-precision devices which are dedicated to the profiling of ceramic or CBN grinding wheels using a diamond roller. This technology is still quite unknown in our country, but it improves considerably the quality and reduces the work times, thus allowing to make complex parts and to obtain high outputs. There is a wide range of standard items to be suited to different types of use. Also special solutions are realised for being integrated in specific or already existing situations.
Further to the direct supply to grinding-machine manufacturers as original equipment on their new machines, we supply also devices for the end-users to be mounted on existing machinery so to update such machines and to allow the use of the newest generation of parts without any need to replace completely the existing machine. We offer also a service for installing the devices at the customer’s workshop for updating electronics systems on machine tools for the interfacing with the new equipment.

Due to the features of compactness, precision and versatility these devices are used also for carrying out operations which differ from grinding wheel profiling (for example: milling, grinding, etc.).