The dressing units of the MDE series have been designed and realised in order to satisfy the requirements of the grinding machines users, who must make complex profiles of high accuracy. These units are designed and built in a completely innovative manner. By means of the MDE units, many problems with the old-type dressing devices have been solved. The simplicity of installation enables easy retrofitting at low cost also of obsolete and manual grinding machines, thus allowing to carry out shapes which otherwise could be obtained only on CNC grinders.
When compared with conventional methods of profiling using a single diamond, the use of a diamond roller presents the following advantages:
- Extremely reduced profiling times
- Excellent form-accuracy
- High repeatability of dimensions
- Easy duplication of shape
- Excellent surface finish
- Reduced set-up times
At present the MDE range can be subdivided into 4 families of products and offers a high range of modularity so to obtain several variations.

In the MDE..K50V.. versions the diamond roller is mounted on a flange, which enables quick change-over (less than 1 minute), preserving the features of accuracy and rigidity due to the specific matching between the taper and the surface and to the clamping force of 2500 daN.

Dressing unit with max. 200 mm dia. and 65 mm roller thickness
Dressing unit with max. 120 mm dia. and 30 mm roller thickness
Dressing unit having double journal with max. 200 mm dia. and 200 mm roller thickness

Dressing unit with max. 150 mm roller dia. and positioning by CNC-controlled rotary axis
Special versions for specific applications can be built